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September 8, 2016

Where the “Cool” kids are?

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Where does one find the cool kids?

The answer is simpler than you think. We live in a subjective world therefore what’s cool for Lou doesn’t quite crack it for Thomas. But one condition that all cool kids have in common is the love for style. Whether that is, your music disposition or clothes you rock we all speak these visual and liberal languages and that kids is what streetwear is. A simple reflection of how you are feeling that day, that month, that moment.

As Millennials we know that the world views us more holistically than ever before, “from head to toe” now means from “the gram to the snap”. That’s what streetwear actually is, a mirror we all hold up. Those who see something “wrong” in the reflection either care enough to out-rightly change it or feign interest but change it nonetheless.

You are what you make. Why be a photocopy when we were put here to be an ever changing painting.

Streetwear has to be just as holistic as we are. From NMD to All Star to Yeezy 350 to Air Force. From Sol-Sol to Unknown Union to Bigfoot Wildboy to Millennials. Rock what you want and rock it how you want. Kids these days are too busy trying to look like each other.

Streetwear started when we started to put effort into our everyday appearances and as we evolve so will the clothes we rock, the pictures we post, the opinions we share and lives we live.


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