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October 29, 2017
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How to lose weight in 4 easy steps

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New year, new you, right? Im pretty sure we’ve all told ourselves this two to three months before the beginning of a new year in the hope that we would listen to our selves and start working out come January. How to Lose Weight in Four Easy Steps almost begs to be watched as most of us actually can’t get ourselves round to eating healthy and working out almost everyday. So I might just go ahead and try out step number three as I’ve never really considered it.

Per its click-bait title, this story of a heartbroken mattress salesman who pulls himself out of a rut by lifting weights does offer a smattering of timeworn weight loss tips (portion control! avoid carbs!), along with the far more substantial reminder that loss and grief can make us stronger.

A year and a half ago, director Ben Berman joined a gym, and a friend sent him an essay titled “How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps”. Halfway through his first read, he started wondering what it would look like as a short film. He connected with its author, Aaron Bleyaert, and together they created a short that found its way to Sundance and ultimately made a big splash on the Internet.

An important addition is Beck Bennett, whose turn as the main character is a low-key revelation. Bennett lost over 13 kilograms in the months between June and September 2015, when the film was shot for two days each. (No small feat when there’s no Oscar involved.) But Bennett’s knack for drama might be more surprising than his weight loss. Hopefully we will se him in some beefier roles in the future, possibly even a feature.


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