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October 18, 2017
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Starting out with a simple vision for his craft, He started a photography page on the Instagram while in college. Keeping his look and feel the same to himself however different to what the game had seen before, he became apart of a global trend. Changing the way the Game has ever been-seen, starting with socialites, myself included and doing a lot of pro bono work he was able to capture the masses toward his brand after the change his overall look before it got dated he moved into location and high fashion based Photoshoot’s further setting him apart from the rest and placing him into his own caliber and style of work, shooting the millennials as it had never been seen, he caught the eye of many celebrities in the within the social circles of the people he interacted with, networking and a general standard of the work he does he was able to make waves within the city getting a lot of clout behind him he has become one of South Africa’s most sort out for photographers from touring with Anatii to filming with RickyRick and the likes of many More he has now grown into his brand making moves everywhere he goes, it goes to show what hard work, determination and goal setting can do for you.



By Kay.Hunt


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